Established in 2012

Inspired by his daughter's passion for classical music, his son's creative ideas, his wife's great cooking and baking skills, and his own love for food and coffee, business owner Mr. Aranas decided to create Cafe Legato--a music-themed coffee shop that provides excellent service and delicious desserts, sandwiches, and drinks. It has always been his dream to open a cafe that commits to providing high quality service to its local customers. After several months of meticulous planning, professional training in coffee brewing, and creative brainstorming, Mr. Aranas finally made his dream come true with the support of his loving wife and family.

As a family-owned business, Cafe Legato takes pride in its hospitality toward its customers and skills in making food and drinks with tender love and care. We hope that you get the chance to give Cafe Legato a try.
After all,   it's not just's the experience.